CHILD's OWN ARTWORK BAR - large chocolate bar 40g

CHILD's OWN ARTWORK BAR - large chocolate bar 40g


CHILD's OWN ARTWORK BAR - large chocolate bar 40g
CHILD'S OWN ARTWORK chocolate bar
Let your child create their own personalised chocolate wrapper design using their own drawing.
Perfect as a gift bar for a special relative, or even on chocolates for their party bags.
Just send us your child's artwork (either by post or e-mail) and we will put it on the chocolate bar wrapper for a truly personal one of a kind gift.  Your child can also include their own handwritten message as part of the picture if they wanted to and a typed message can also be added to the back of the wrapper to make it even more special.
Rectangle chocolate bar available in milk, white or plain flavours and in 4 sizes to suit any occasion. 
We have smaller bars perfect to put in party bags with our 19g and 40g sizes ("Thank you for coming to my party") or if you want something larger for a gift bar why not go for our 100g or 200g sizes.
Flavours available:
MILK CHOCOLATE - 19g, 40g, 100g or 200g size available
PLAIN CHOCOLATE - 40g, 100g or 200g size available
WHITE CHOCOLATE - 40g or 100g size available

Size and price guide:
19g party bag bar (children's chocolate) - 9 x 5 cm x 0.6mm : 80p each
40g bar - 11 x 5.5 cm x 0.8 cm : £1.25 each
100g bar - 18 x 9.5 cm x 0.6 cm : £2.75 each
200g bar - 19 x 9.5 x 1.5 cm : £4.25 each

A 100g milk diabetic bar (£3.25) and a 35g milk organic fairtrade bar (£1.85) are also available.   
Please ask your child to do their artwork on an A4 sheet of paper and they can fill up the whole page if they would like to.  To make sure the picture stands out ideally it needs to be drawn in felt tip pens (not in pencil please as they fade slightly when they are scanned and lose some of the detail). 
Please choose which size of bar you would like from the drop down menu below, this is currently set at the 40g size (£1.00) but if you would like a different size please click on the size you would like and the price will be automatically adjusted. 
Matching products also available using your child's artwork, ie: love hearts, party poppers and smaller bars.
Any questions please feel to contact me on [email protected] or 07727 630552.
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:  at  £1.25  each

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