Fed up of the usual home parties and fancy something completely different which involves chocolate then why not host an "It's a Wrap" personalised chocolate wrapper party.  
We offer home shopping parties in Cornwall where we will bring all our products to your home to show your friends and family, but if you live outside of Cornwall or don't fancy a home party we can now also offer "online" shopping parties.
As a host at an "It's A Wrap" home or online party and you will receive 10% commission of any orders to purchase products for yourself. 
We offer a huge range of personalised chocolate wrappers and other products for any occasion (you can even have a child's drawing on a wrapper to melt the hearts of those grandparents) and with Christmas coming up its a perfect time of year to order a fun and personal gift.
Online parties
Never heard of an "online" party and not sure how it works?  It's so easy.
Instead of inviting people to your home you invite your friends/family etc to browse the products online via our website.  Then if your guests place an order you will receive 10% of the total value in commission.  Their order will then be processed and sent to them direct in the post, no need for the host to deliver orders etc as this is all done direct to the customer. 
You choose a time period you would like your party to run for (ie, 2 weeks, a month or longer etc) and we will give you a unique order code to give to your guests so we can make sure all your party orders are allocated to you.  All your guests need to do is input this code at the checkout. 
We can also give you an e-mail template to send to your friends explaining how the process works.  
At the end of the chosen time period we will add up all your guests' order values and e-mail you with the total.  You can then use this amount to choose FREE products for yourself or put it towards a larger value order as part payment. 
If you would like to book a home or online party please e-mail us at [email protected] or Tel:  07727 630552 (Nicola) or 07816 504701 (Karen).